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Justin McIntee – Associate Vice President for Development and Campaign Management

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Justin_McIntee_560x560Justin McIntee ’98, MBA ’08 has returned to Vanguard to serve as the Associate Vice President for Development and Campaign Management.  Justin brings a deep love of Vanguard along with a reputation as a dedicated development professional to his new role.  He joins us after serving as the Director of Major Gifts at the Mission Hospital Foundation. 

Justin was initially drawn to Vanguard with the opportunity to continue playing basketball.  In addition to excelling on the court, Vanguard became a place that helped transform him into the person he is today.  We are excited to welcome Justin back home to Vanguard.  Read more about Justin’s life and hopes for Vanguard.

Q: Can you tell us why you chose to return to Vanguard?

God’s hand is clearly on Vanguard.  This has been the case since it was founded in 1920.  Today, I believe Vanguard is positioned for growth more than any time in its 93 year history, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Q: Why do you believe in Christian higher education?

The federal government seems determined to keep God out of our schools.  I believe training the next generation in understanding who they are in Christ Jesus, while simultaneously preparing them for their careers is essential for them to find true fulfillment.  If Christian universities don’t raise up the next generation of Christ-centered leaders serving as business professionals, teachers, ministers, scientists, etc., who will?

Q: How has Vanguard impacted your story?

When I was a student at Vanguard, I had no idea the long-term impact it would have on my life.  Today, God is the center of my life.  My understanding of who I am in Christ Jesus impacts every role in my life; as a husband, a father, a professional, and a friend.  The core of my spiritual formation occurred during my time on campus through relationships with professors, friendships, and attending chapel.  Last, but certainly not least, I met my wife, Joelle, at Vanguard.  She is my best friend and my life partner.  If I had attended a secular university, there would be no guarantees that I would have found such an incredible Christian woman.

Q: Can you tell us briefly about your family?

Joelle and I will be married eleven years on July 14.  We have also been blessed with two wonderful children.  Our daughter Estella is 6 years old and finishing kindergarten.  Quinn is 3 ½, and will start preschool in the fall.  We currently live in Laguna Beach.

Q: What do you most admire about your wife?

Joelle is a woman of loyalty and grace. 

Q: What do you like to do in your free time, when you are not on campus?

We are a beach family through and through.  Both Joelle and I love to play beach volleyball. 

Q: What do you think will be your greatest challenge at Vanguard?

Creating a culture of philanthropy.  Vanguard is a special place where the seeds of faith and knowledge are planted and watered in the lives of our students daily. They are being equipped to not only thrive professionally, but to make a difference in the lives of those around them.  However, I have found that many of our alumni don’t equate their positive experiences at their alma mater with giving back financially.  My desire is to have the quality of the facilities match the quality of the student experience at Vanguard.  The only way that this can happen is if everyone who has had a positive experience at Vanguard does what they can financially to ensure that we can continue to impact the lives of generations to come.

Q: What do you want to say to alumni or friends who haven’t been connected to Vanguard recently?

I want to ask you one question.  What impact has Vanguard had on your life as it is today?  I know for me, I had not given this question much thought prior to my returning to Vanguard.  However, after spending time reflecting on this question, I have come to realize the significant role Vanguard has played in the joy, peace, and contentment I now have in my heart and in my life.  I went to Vanguard primarily to play basketball and get an education.  Little did I know that God was going to take hold of my heart and never let go.

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  1. Cezar Dias Cezar

    June 3, 2013

    Dear Justin, good luck in your new challenge, you have been great on and outside the basketball court as a friend . I wish you the best and Always good times.


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